BrightStar Care®: A Differentiated Approach to Franchise Territories

BrightStar Care

As a well-known home health care agency, BrightStar Care is determined to serve individuals in all markets, big or small. In a new approach to reach potential new clients and encourage franchise owners to invest in smaller markets, BrightStar Care has introduced the Medium Density Market program. 

Nurse helping mother

Who is this Program Targeting?

A BrightStar Care franchise can almost always be found in a metro area, however, the need and demand for quality home health care extends beyond highly populated areas. To be of service to all individuals in need, BrightStar Care is targeting territories of under 200,000. Every community deserves to have a skilled home health care franchise that they can depend on for quality service for themselves or their loved ones. 

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Why Franchise Owners want to Invest in this Market

In addition to BrightStar Care being a great overall investment, investing in a Medium Density Territory is attractive to both new franchisees and existing BrightStar Care owners.  Not only will they have the opportunity to bring a necessary service to an underserved community, but they’ll also receive many incentives. First, the Initial Franchise Fee is $25,000 - a 50% reduction from the standard fee. These savings can be put towards advertising and marketing the new agency.  In addition, there are no minimum performance requirements which are standard in most franchise agreements in this industry.   

For existing BrightStar Care Franchisees, the requirement to have an office and a salesperson in the territory has been waived provided revenue is growing within the market. A part of being a great BrightStar Care franchise owner is having the heart to help everyone in need no matter where they’re located. The Medium Density Market program will provide care for thousands of families who desperately need them. An opportunity such as this one comes at a low cost and results in a great reward.

Interested in bringing the next level of senior care to your community? Contact us today to learn more about franchising opportunities with BrightStar Care®!