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The Gift of Home Care in Your Community

home care for your community

Almost 90 percent of American adults[i] spend half their waking lives doing things they would rather not be doing at places they would rather not be. The small percentage of American adults who are engaged at work, however, all have one thing in common – they find their work fulfilling.

While it may seem challenging to find purpose in your work, some careers naturally lend themselves to high job satisfaction and the feeling that you’re really making a difference. Owning your own home health care agency and bringing quality senior care to your community is one such endeavor.

Here are a few reasons why home health care agencies are able to give back to their communities every day, with the valuable services and care they provide all year long:

Allowing Seniors to Age in Place

The demand for home healthcare has never been higher – especially as nearly 90 percent of adults over the age 65 hope to age in place[ii]. This allows them to have a much greater sense of freedom and self-sufficiency – crucial components to maintaining strong mental and emotional health.

By providing in-home care to seniors, you’re also giving them the gift of comfort and familiarity. They can sleep in their own bed and maintain normal, everyday routines and hobbies. Remaining in the home instead of leaving a familiar environment provides aging loved ones with countless benefits, especially for those with dementia or memory loss issues.

Moving out of the home and adapting to a completely new environment is jarring for anyone, and it becomes even more difficult for seniors.

Maximizing Quality Care and Preventing Infection and Disease

Hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities can quickly become overcrowded, limiting the amount of attention and care that staff members can provide to clients at a time.

Similarly, since everyone has different levels of health, it’s much easier for disease and infection to spread throughout a nursing home or hospital[iii]. And, since people become more susceptible to these diseases as they age, closely-populated living environments have become increasingly dangerous for seniors with lower immunity.

Because it’s much easier to maintain their health at home, many seniors and their families have turned to home health care instead of other arrangements. Not only is this more comfortable for the senior, it also helps them get the attention they need – while avoiding countless other diseases – to maintain their health.

Providing Peace of Mind – and More Visiting Time – to Loved Ones

One in three Americans voluntarily provides unpaid, informal care each year to family members. There’s a growing need for quality senior care, but it’s also becoming increasingly difficult to find among family and relatives. By giving that care to aging seniors, you take away that burden from family members and give them peace of mind that their loved one is getting 24/7 quality care.

Aside from the peace of mind you give family members, offering in-home care also allows for different family and social opportunities seniors may not receive in nursing homes. Assisted living facilities can regulate visits in a way that limits valuable social time for seniors – especially when it comes to family. At home, however, family, friends and neighbors can come and go as they please and stay as long as they like, allowing for much more freedom and autonomy in social activities.

While the main purpose of working is to make enough money for a comfortable life, almost everyone wants more from work than just a paycheck. Fortunately for BrightStar Care franchisees, they’re able to get the best of both worlds by running a profitable business that helps people and gives back to the community every day.

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