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Hear From Our Franchisees

  • "What's really surprised me is the support system of the other franchise owners, and the ability to pick up a phone and talk to somebody that's in your state or somebody that you've met in Chicago. The type of advice that they give you along with the willingness and openness to help you through nearly any situation kind of blew me away." Frank Sanders - Spartanburg & Greenville, SC
  • "When my father passed away a little over four years ago, he was very fortunate in having a wonderful end of life experience, and I felt privileged to have been there. What I realized in going through those final months with him was how critical it was to have a support system, and coming from a large family I was very fortunate to have that." Brian & Maureen Silven - Norwood, MA
  • "What attracted me to BrightStar was the models and systems they had in place. It was different than the other businesses I was looking at in terms of home care. There was a passion behind BrightStar, and I could see that when I met the folks at BrightStar." JP Merchant - Central & North Westchester County, NY
  • "The good news about that was that six months allowed me to be very prepared, so when the doors were opened I came out flying." Robin Hazel - Pinellas, FL
  • "You're making a difference every day in people's lives. You're truly truly impacting people. I have over a hundred employees, and I think four years ago those hundred people weren't working for me. I created a hundred jobs. I take care of families that are sick, and we became a extension of their families, and I just can't think of anything more rewarding than doing this." Becky Torrez - West & Southwest Las Vegas, NV
  • "I feel I am an entrepreneur. I have chosen to invest in a tool that is a franchise. That gives me great training, it gives me a great brand, and it gives me support." Matt Shriner - Lafayette, Concord, & Oakland, CA
  • "I really like the premium provider model. I like the Joint Commission. I like the Director of Nursing. I like the idea of being the premium, the top drawer, the top shelf provider in the community. And i think over the last couple of years we really have established ourselves as that and I like that." Dan Price - Leesburg & Gainesville, VA
  • "This is the first time I have ever owned my own business, so there have been many different things that I had to navigate. BrightStar Care leadership helped guide me along that path and provided me a good template of what to expect so nothing surprised me too much along the way." Jason Lieb - Happy Valley, PA
  • "Our nurses and staff are really compassionate. That’s what it really comes down to. We build a team of people who are compassionate and love what they do. Whether it’s our field employees or our nurse case-managers who are managing those people, that’s where you really see the difference you’re making in people’s lives." Jim Guzdziol - Naperville, IL
  • "I really enjoy that you always go home in this business feeling like you made a difference. Sometimes in other businesses you get that feeling, but most of the time you just go through and do your job. Here, I go home every day feeling like I’ve helped people and made a profound difference, with both clients and employees." Steve Zishka - Fort Wayne & Lafayette, IN
  • "We are at a point where things can really increase rapidly in terms of revenue and growth. We’re at a point where if we just work a little smarter and put some more effort in certain areas, we can really begin to double or triple our business in a year or two. We’re just getting started." James Merchant - White Plains, NY