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One Franchisees' Savvy Use of All Five Revenue Streams

Author: BrightStar Care® Franchising
BrightStar Care ® – Five Revenue Streams

One of the opportunities we offer franchisees is buying established BrightStar locations. Rob Dezso and his wife took over two locations in 2019, and in only two years, Rob has reported that they've doubled their revenue.

The pair had reached a point in their lives where they both realized they wanted to be their own bosses after they'd both had careers in healthcare. Once they started researching what sort of business they'd like to get into, specific trends began to emerge: "A lot of studies were being done into how people want to get out of facilities and be taken care of at home," Rob explained. "So we knew home health would be an area of growth for the future."

BrightStar Care ® – Five Revenue Streams

The two agencies they acquired had been underperforming, and Rob quickly surmised that neither had been capitalizing on all five potential revenue streams.

While he saw that personal and companion care were ably set up, services involving skilled care seemed to have been neglected by the previous owners. Personal and companion care are essential services that we offer and that our clients need and appreciate:

  • Companion Care - Companion care is meant for clients that may be disabled and need assistance making doctor's appointments, meal planning, practicing hobbies and more.

  • Personal Care - Personal care focuses on supporting clients who need assistance with any activities of daily living that may be affected by mobility issues in a clients' day to day activities.

Rob maintained these services but knew that the other three revenue streams BrightStar Care offers (that require skilled care) could be major sources of profit for his franchises.​​​​​

"We looked into it, and there was hardly any skilled work being done. Knowing how care is at hospitals, we thought, 'We have got to figure out how to get those accounts,'" Rob said.

In light of this discovery, he made a focused effort to strengthen home health care, national accounts and medical staffing services:

The five revenue streams that BrightStar Care offers were a major factor in Rob's interest in franchising with us, and it's his direct targeting of our revenue streams that plays a significant role in his success. There are no rules about which revenue streams franchisees must emphasize, but Rob is a prime example of how employing all five makes for strong business growth.

A Straightforward But Effective Approach to Home Health Care Franchising

Knowing he had big plans for his franchises, Rob decided to be direct about his approach to achieving his goals. He went to the clients working with the agencies before he took over and surveyed their experience to find out what they liked and would improve about the service they'd previously received.

After collecting their input, Rob could more accurately assess what his clients need from him and his team. From there, it was a matter of providing the improvements his clients were looking for. Or, as Rob put it simply: "Ask questions, get answers, deliver."

Of course, not every market or agency will have the same needs, Rob pointed out, so he advised fellow franchisees to be wary of following in the footsteps of another franchisee too closely. "Don't let preconceived ideas get in the way of what you need to do," he concluded.

A Bright Future for this BrightStar Care Franchisee

Rob emphasized the importance of goal setting in his success these past two years. In light of that, he has a clear idea of what's on the horizon for his home health care franchises.

"Emphasizing quality is our mantra going into 2022," Rob said. "If we've gotta slow down to make sure we have quality, then so be it. That's why we got involved in the first place."

Restructuring the office staff is one of the first things he's looking at going into 2022. He's also focused on his agencies’ ability to manage people working remotely; remote work will continue to be an essential aspect of business, and business owners need to treat it as such.

Rob described his plan, in summation, as making sure they're set for success for the next three years.

Interested in partnering with a brand that can offer a breadth of revenue opportunities? Contact us today to learn more about starting your own BrightStar Care franchise!​​​​​​

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