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Tech at BrightStar Care Provides Franchisees with All-in-One Solution

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BrightStar Care has made significant investments in a proprietary technology platform on behalf of franchisees operating the brand’s more than 300 locations. The time, effort, and money put into technology not only streamlines operations and ensures consistency, but constant advancement drives improvement and efficiencies as the home healthcare market evolves.

Jim Kearns, Chief Technology Officer for BrightStar Care, takes pride in the software and additional technologies BrightStar Care uses. It is completely unique to their company and business model.

“What we do is 100 percent built by BrightStar Care employees,” Kearns said. “None of this is outsourced; none of this is off the shelf. It is all custom, and it is all proprietary.”

The technologies were built by and for BrightStar Care. This tried and true system makes managing the many clients and caregivers a simple process for franchisees.

Automated Hiring Saves Time

BrightStar Care is dedicated to hiring highly trained staff. For example, each Director of Nursing is a registered nurse. The task of hiring and orienting staff can be intimidating, but BrightStar Care’s technologies have completely automated this process. Both hiring and onboarding are well-defined and implemented through technology that helps ensure quality caregivers for each franchisee’s clients.

Automated Billing Saves Money

BrightStar Care’s software has automated many of the day-to-day business processes. Scheduling, payroll and billing is all managed through a single system. This puts less of the daily clerical operations on a franchisee and develops a companywide standard to abide by.

“It really makes the franchisee’s life easier, but also saves time and money and provides better care,” Kearns explained.

Automated Accountability

Our technology helps you provide peace of mind for clients and their families. Caregivers are held accountable for their schedules with GPS tracking and automated time sheets. If a caregiver does not arrive on time, an automated notification can alert you and your staff to make sure the issue is addressed in a timely manner.

Automated time sheets and billing make hours and payment more accurate and much easier for your employees. This translates into high employee satisfaction, resulting in better retention rate—which is crucial in such a high-demand field. Caregivers can count on BrightStar Care to provide a strong work environment. At the same time, automated payroll helps ensure all state and federal labor requirements are met.

Increased Value and Client Peace of Mind

The custom automatization and standardization is rare among other home healthcare providers. Through our investments in technology, BrightStar Care provides a higher value to clients and families, as well as the franchisee.

The Director of Nursing receives real-time reports about caregiver’s arrival and completion of daily care plans. If changes in a client’s care plan are needed, you can more easily and accurately make them without interrupting the delivery of care or impacting quality.

“Everything is documented and followed up on, and that value translates during the living room visit as a key differentiator for BrightStar Care over our competitors,” Kearns mentioned.

Electronic Data Ensures Advancement

BrightStar Care is accredited by The Joint Commission, a nonprofit tax-exempt 501 organization that accredits more than 21,000 US health care organizations and programs. Another differentiator for BrightStar Care, as not all home healthcare organizations are accredited. Our software makes it easier for franchisees to achieve Joint Commission accreditation because all information required for submission is collected and stored through a single platform.

Electronic recordkeeping also allows BrightStar Care to analyze care plans and evaluate their effectiveness, helping franchisees continually adapt to the changing needs of their clients.

“In the electronic environment that we are in, we have data. We have complete care notes to assess how we fare, and what our results are and how that compares to what would be expected in the marketplace,” said Kearns.

BrightStar Care’s seamless integration of technology over the years has led to standardized processes and improved home healthcare franchise operations.

“Healthcare continues to change and evolve every day,” Kearns said. “The advantage of our technology is that we will keep up with those changes, and we will continue to add more value than we are today.”

To learn more about BrightStar Care’s role in the home healthcare industry download our Franchise Kit here.

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